Friday, April 5, 2013

Well, the big news! We're pregnant! We found out right away so I'm only 7 weeks along right now. Here's the story:
You know how women say that 'you just know' when you're pregnant? I never believed them. But I do now! I knew a few days before I took a test that I was pregnant. Mostly by smells. I could smell bad breath on people (I know horrible, isn't it). I was able to smell things my co-workers couldn't smell. So Friday, March 15th, I took a test in the afternoon. I was positive! 

Well, since it was during the afternoon Nate was still at work. I was going to tell him that night and then I remembered that we were going to my parents for dinner because my dad was home. So I wasn't able to tell him beforehand. Then when he got to my parents, he was not feeling good and really out of it. I was hoping if we left early enough I could tell him that night. Well, I thought he felt a bit better after watching a tv show so I went ahead with my plan! 

So I quick ran into the bathroom to write it and take my contacts out (2 minutes max). When I got back into our bedroom Nate already had his glasses off and was practically asleep!!! So I went to sleep pretty much biting my tongue so I wouldn't say anything that would let him know what happened. The other thing was that I had to work at Caribou that morning! From 6am-11am, the longest 5 hours of my life!! Nate still wasn't feeling good so when I was done he asked if I could bring him home a mocha. I did but I decided to tell him with the mocha! I wrote on the clutch "Congrats you're going to be a Daddy!"


He didn't see it at first:p So I asked him if there was anything unusual about his cup. He read it and looked at me with this face of "Seriously?!". We were of course excited, but at the same time it seemed unreal. We didn't know WHAT to think. We spent some time on the internet looking at pictures and videos and all sorts of things!

(Happy Father-to-be)

Tomorrow I'll put up a 7 week picture! Just for fun:)

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