Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today was a pretty good day! I enjoyed a day of sleeping in, but I shouldn't have. We are moving the end of April and I have a bunch of boxes laying in our living room/dining room/ kitchen waiting to have our books and dishes put in them. I also was going to spend time in the Word today, but I let my tiredness and Pinterest distract me. I have such a hard time with that! I worked at 11 which was good. It's just hard because you're thinking "Oh! I have all morning!" when in fact unless you get out of bed around 7 or 8, you really don't have all morning. You have to have breakfast, get dressed, do your make-up, etc and before you know it it's 10:45 and you need to leave for work! I told myself that I would go running after work since it has been so gorgeous out! It was 45 degrees today! :) So I finally pushed myself to do it. I'm training for a half-marathon relay (so I only have to do 6.5 miles instead of 13). I have been unning about four miles in training lately. So today I thought I would try running four miles outside. (side note) Nate and I went to a concert with his parents and we got a new CD by Mandisa. I listened to it as I was putting it on my Ipod and I realized that her music is great for running! Today I got to run with my new music and I ran 8 1/2 minute miles! I have not ran that fast in 3 years! My calves are feeling it though. :/ I was really excited!

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  1. I am glad that you were able to sleep in as it was good for you, for once! I am just so proud of you for running as i have zero desire to do such a thing and can't even fathom it. You have done an amazing job of honoring your hubby (even starting when he was your boyfriend) in getting involved in the things that he loves and loving them now yourself as a result! I love you.