Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip to Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky

I enjoyed this city so much! It is like a small town feel with the opportunities of a big city. The homes there are absolutely gorgeous! It looked like front porch pillars are the norm (which I have always loved).

We went to Kentucky to visit Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS for short). Nate and our friend Taylor, are both considering going the the seminary. Thankfully, we had Ben and Emily who are going there and they were able to show us around the campus the first day we were there. Taylor's wife, Liz,and I were able to go with Emily to the Southern Seminary Wives Institute. It is a program for wives that teach them a variety of things. We went to a 'How to Interpret the Bible', we loved it! 

Ben was able to set an appointment up for Nate and Taylor to talk to Dr. Thomas Schreiner. They didn't realize until the next day that he is considered one of the biggest names on interpreting the New Testament.


The next day we were able to go on a campus tour. We got to see so many places and fell in love even more with the campus and the purpose of SBTS. We also met other prospective students, who we will hopefully see next fall, Lord willing. 

We are praying that if this is where the Lord wants us for the next few years, that he will make a way. We were encouraged by a faculty, Dr. Wilder. He said that our biggest worry is probably money and the logistics. He told us that that should be the LEAST of our worries. The Lord provides over and over again. We are praying that we will trust him through this next year. Please be in prayer for us. Nate still has to send in his application so it's not official quite yet. :)
Photo: Future SBTS students! :-) #seminary #friends

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